Supporting Learning at Home

Here at Aboyne Primary School, we recognise that parents are the main educators and most influential people in a child’s life and as such, we strive to work with you as partners to support your child’s learning. To do this we aim to work with you in a number of ways.

There are a number of ways to help your child with Learning at Home.

Primary 1 – 3


How you can help

Listen to your child reading when they get a new book, if they are stuck on a word, help them sound it out or tell them the word. Help them with homework activities – you do not need to do the set task, choose an activity that suits you and your child. Look for common words & phonemes around your home.


How you can help

Ask your child some mental maths questions and play games that encourage mental maths. Some super games are Dude Dice, Shut the Box, Pass the Pigs, Trilema, Yahtzee and Head full of Numbers which can all be ordered on Amazon. Or play any board game that involves counting. All children have logins for Sumdog which is an online platform for the children to enhance their numeracy skills through games.

Primary 4 – 7