Teaching Staff

Classroom Teachers

P 1 – Mrs. E. Leggat

P 1/2 – Miss. K. Stewart / Ms. Hayley Moir

P 2/3 – Miss. K. Napier

P 3 – Mrs. J. Chapman / Mrs. L. Jackson

P 3/4 – Mrs. R. McKnight

P 4 – Mrs. C. Macduff

P 4/5 – Mrs. A. Farquharson / Mr. R. Mackay

P 5/6 – Mrs. K. Crawford

P6 – Mr. M. King

P 6/7 – Mrs. G. Ellis

P7 – Mr. R. Galloway

Non-Contact Cover Teachers: Mrs. B. Mannix / Ms. F. Vickers

A bit about us –

Mrs Leggat

I have been a teacher at Aboyne Primary for 9 years this year (although I used to be a pupil here too!). I completed my PGCE in Newcastle and moved back to Aboyne in 2013. I live with my husband, our 2 children and our Dalmatian called Nelson. When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family and friends or baking.  

Miss Stewart

This is my second year at Aboyne Primary and my first year as the principal teacher. I am thoroughly enjoying my new role and feel very lucky to work at such a friendly school filled with fantastic families. Before joining Aboyne in 2021 I lived abroad for 5 years and worked at different international schools in both Bangkok, Thailand and Vigo, Spain. This wonderful opportunity allowed me to combine my passion for teaching with my love for travelling and experiencing different cultures. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking and baking and am also sports-mad! I am a huge Manchester United fan which is a constant source of hilarity for many of the children who enjoy winding me up about how rubbish my team currently is!  

Mrs Moir

I’m Mrs Moir and I am new to Aboyne Primary this year. I’ve taught in a few different schools in Aberdeenshire before coming to Aboyne Primary. I live near Aboyne with my husband and two sons who are 10 and 7. I enjoy running, cycling, baking, reading and going for long walks with my family.  

Miss Napier

Hello, I’m Miss Napier and this is my first full year working at Aboyne Primary.  When I’m not teaching, my favourite thing to do is ski! I also love baking, traveling, and going for walks.

Mrs Chapman

I have been teaching at Aboyne Primary since 2020.  I have a background in science and worked for 12 years in plant science research before retraining as a teacher.  When I’m not at school I enjoy spending my time walking with my dog, cycling, camping, and making things.  I am a qualified Forest School Leader. 

Mrs Jackson

I have just moved to Aberdeenshire from England with my family. I have a pet cat called Tiger, who is blind and a guinea pig called Cookie.

When I am not at school I love reading, spending time at the beach and learning to ski!

I am really enjoying exploring Aberdeenshire and discovering new places and making new friends.

Mrs McKnight

I recently completed my PGDE at Aberdeen University and I am currently in my probation year at Aboyne Primary.  Prior to teaching, I spent many years working with horses, including nearly 10 years at World Horse Welfare near Aboyne. When my children started school, I went self-employed which gave me time to do a BSc in Biology with the Open University followed by an MSc in Human Nutrition at Aberdeen University. In my free time, I enjoy hill walking, running and rowing. 

Mrs Macduff

Hello, I am Mrs Cheryl Macduff. I am from Pembrokeshire in Southwest Wales and have lived in Aberdeenshire for 14 years.  I am married to Dave and we have 3 teenage children. I also have 2 dogs and 3 cats. I enjoy walking, reading, drawing and cold-water swimming. My favourite place to be is at the beach listening to the waves.

Mrs Farquharson

I am Mrs Alison Farquharson and have been teaching at Aboyne Primary School for nearly nine years.  Although I enjoy living here with my husband and two cats, I miss my two children and two granddaughters who live in Yorkshire.  During my spare time I enjoy running, cooking, reading, walking and gardening as well as visiting my family in England whenever possible.

Mr Mackay

I qualified as a Primary Teacher in 1991. After working as a supply teacher in several Aberdeen City schools, I was delighted to get a job at Aboyne in 1996. I was awarded the Professional Qualification of Chartered Teacher in 2008. I taught all stages at Aboyne over the course of 16 years before I was appointed as Visiting Specialist in French in 2012. My role has slightly changed and I now teach any curriculum areas required in the 5 schools I visit. I am also a Learning Representative for the Educational Institute of Scotland. 

Mrs Crawford

I am passionate about the world around me and spent some of my earlier years backpacking. I have always enjoyed sports and remain a keen runner to this day. While travelling, I developed a particular interest in art and went on to own my own art gallery. Eventually, I decided to follow a lifelong passion for teaching.

Mr King

I have been at Aboyne Primary school for 5 years now. Before I was a teacher, I studied for a degree in Music at the University of Aberdeen where I played the Trumpet in orchestras, jazz, and brass bands. I was very fortunate to play across the country and make many friends along the way. My hobbies include Football, Mountain biking, Music, and more recently thanks to Covid, I have returned to a childhood hobby of collecting and playing Warhammer 40,000!

Mrs Ellis

I completed my probation year at Aboyne a few years ago and was delighted to return to the team in 2021 after gaining experience in other schools. I completed my PGDE as a mature student after working as a riding instructor for 17 years, where I was actively involved in teaching pony clubs in my home county, Cornwall, as well as Devon, Ayrshire, and here in Deeside. Horses are still a great passion of mine. I like nothing more than riding and spending time with my family and four horses. My favourite colour is yellow, and I am happiest when in the forest or near the sea.

Mr Galloway

I have been at Aboyne Primary School for almost four years. This for me is something of a record – normally by year three, I am leaving. This time though, the school, the people I work with, the children I teach and the area we live have all colluded to keep me here. Having recently bought a house in the area it looks like I am here for a while longer. When I am not teaching I enjoy reading, science fiction in particular; walking though not as much as I should; and playing video games, rather more than I should… I am married to a very patient wife and father to a great son.

Mr Galloway

Mrs Mannix

Hello! I’m Mrs Mannix! I’ve taught at Aboyne primary since August 2017, though I have had a couple of years of maternity leave in that time. Currently, I teach two days each week on a Thursday and Friday, and this year, I am covering the class teachers’ non-contact time. When not at school, you’ll see me out walking with my children and dog. 

Ms Vickers

I am new to Aboyne this year. I will be working across the school as an Additional Support Needs teacher and as a cover teacher, specialising in the expressive arts. I have always loved music, in fact, my mum used to be a secondary music teacher at Aboyne Academy! I play violin, and flute and am learning piano. My favourite film of all time is the Lion King. This is why my favourite colours are yellow and orange.